Joanna Świetek

My adventure with Norway began with the summer of 2007. The prospect of one year of residence in this country has increased to the current eight years. Do you regret? Absolutely not. The objective has been achieved, passed the state examination Norwegian language, working in the Norwegian environment and as a translator. Now it’s your turn! Catch the moose by the horns and give yourself a chance!
Knowledge of the Norwegian confirmed passed, the exam Bergenstest and Norwegian courses in accounting and labor law. Working as a translator in a Norwegian translation agency Semantix, the practice in the Norwegian employment service NAV and working in the Norwegian accounting office. Today, my passion is to develop the school and infecting the audience love to Norway, including its language, nature and culture. I have experience in translating Norwegian Polish: employment contracts, resumes, cover letters, laws, procedures, regulations, health and safety regulations, tax returns, presentations, surveys, proposals, letters to the Norwegian authorities, financial reports, promotional materials and articles on various topics.

I have experience in translating both oral and written. I approach each project individually, ensuring compliance with the original and linguistic correctness. I put on a high quality!